About Us

Holistic Business and Vetting Services

After training to be an Advanced Holistic Therapist, I worked and ran a number of businesses for many years treating clients. I then went back to my IT Procurement roots, but never truly leaving what I had learned behind.

As I travelled the world with my job I realised one thing over and over: that there is not one source, either locally in the UK or globally, where I can find a vetted, trained, insured Alternative Therapist. This inspired me to to start Dochsa Business and Vetting Services.

Our core philosophy is 'Trust'; we are instinctively aware of this if we enter a calling like complementary therapies. But that trust does not always exist and many businesses and therapists that I visited clearly did not have the training, insurance or ethical compass to back up their services.

Our craft works on the physical, metaphysical and spiritual level and we should ensure that we are all fit and trained to make certain that we can achieve our clients' outcomes. Just like our learned medical brothers and sisters we have an obligation to do no harm.

Our Business and Vetting services take the guess work out of the equation and give the client, business owners and the industry the trust in what we do, backed up by legal and onsite verification. If you need a customer experience check for your Spa or business, or an identity check for one of your staff, or as a prospective client checking credentials of a therapist or business, we have a service to suit you.

Founder Therapist

Donovan Sampson