Business and Vetting Services

We have created a number of service goals for our clients; we work with them for their specific requirement and map our offering to their needs, this has always given the best outcomes.


Who are our services for:

  • Business
    • Are you a business looking to hire new staff or buy a new business?
  • Councils
    • Should you be vetting all the Complementary Therapist in your areas?
    • Do you have the manpower?
    • We can help?
  • Membership Bodies
    • Do you check that all your members are compliant to your policies?
    • Have all your members done their CPD?
    • Need help checking?
  • Members of the Public
    • Would you like some confidence in who you are booking has been vetted by a professional trained in the therapy they are offering not by a machine?
    • Do you feel you have reasonable recourse if something goes wrong?
  • NHS (Medical Professionals)
    • Would some of your patients benefit from a Complementary or Holistic Therapy like massage?
    • Who can you recommend or direct them too?
    • Why not offer the Dochsa Directory (coming soon)


Dochsa staff have been training in a large number of Alternative and Complementary therapies. Our vetting services look at the legal requirements but also that a business or therapist is giving a holistic and caring services to their customers.

We have broken the core areas into:


Why do we do we offer these services? We are after all the customers of these business and would like to ensure the best experience possible and that all therapist follow one core philosophy: "Do no harm!". This will ensure that when you book a services it will be as expected and value for money.