Customer Experience and Site Visits

Customer Experience Reports

The best way to describe this service would be to say we offer Mystery Shopper Reports. However, unlike other service companies in this area, we send trained, certified and insured therapists to do the reporting. We look at a number of core areas that we feel are important but will work with our client to ensure the best outcome to the report. Are your customers being treated with dignity and respect; are your staff professional? We can check for you.

Suggested Areas:

Complaints Handling

    • Difficult Customer
    • Customer with Special Needs
    • Customer with Allergies

Customer Management

    • Inappropriate Advances Management
    • Aggressive Customer
    • Telephone Customer

Paperwork and Policies

    • Treatment Notes
    • After Care Advice

Ambience and Cleanliness

    • Relaxing
    • Temperature
    • Smell

Services and Pricing

    • Are the correct services being offered or favoured?
    • Are the correct prices being charged?


    • Are the front of house staff friendly and welcoming?
    • Are the Therapists Professional?
    • Treating customers with respect and dignity
    • Treating without any bias

Health and Safety

    • Signage
    • Equipment
    • Products

Onsite Visit Reports

Designed for business owners who want to check that their staff are working as expected or for larger organisations to ensure their brand is being protected.

Onsite reporting goes in to more in-depth reports and the business is made aware of the visit. A formal report is written detailing the above core areas and any additional agreed areas. Photographs of the business are taken to be added to the report and video if requested by the client, with the appropriate sign-off by the staff.

All our services are provided in an easy to read and understand report. For pricing please refer to our Pricing Page. We can provide sample reports if required.

If there is a report that you need that we have not listed please use form on the Contact Us page.