Professional Vetting

When we book complementary services we all expect that the business and individual therapist we have booked is trained, insured and has our best interests at heart. However professional they are, how do we know if the therapist that has presented themselves to us is being 100% honest? If you would prefer to leave nothing to chance and protect your customers and your valuable reputation, use one of our services below.

  • Education Check
    • Education Checks validate a candidate’s educational history, confirming the establishments attended, the dates of attendance, the courses studied and the qualifications gained.
  • Professional Technical Membership
    • We can run extensive professional membership checks, validating a candidate’s membership of professional or technical bodies, their dates of membership and any qualifications gained.
  • Personal Reference
    • A personal reference check can give you information that simply cannot be contained on a CV or application, and can make all the difference in the crucial final stages of the recruitment process.
  • Employment Reference Checks
    • Employment Reference Checks validate a candidate’s employment history, confirming the position held, key responsibilities, the dates of employment and any additional training or qualifications received.
  • Occupational History Checks
    • Occupational History Checks aim to give you a full and detailed picture of a candidate’s past, across a time period of your choosing. These checks can uncover details that are not necessarily provided by our other background checking services.

All our services are provided in a easy to read and understand report. For pricing please refer to our Pricing Page. We can provide sample reports if required.

If there is a report that you need that we have not listed please use form on the Contact Us page.