Therapist Checking

As a member of the public there is no professional way to request a report on a therapist. Normally you end up reviewing different sites in the hopes that what you read is accurate and that other customers have been honest in their statements about a business.

We think you should have the ability and power to know before you spend your hard earned cash that a Therapist is trained, insured and has completed and is up to date on all their training.

This eliminates the pressure up-front of trying to find a suitable therapist but also makes the treatment that you receive more relaxed as you do not need to handle any of these questions when you are onsite with the therapist.

Your therapist can also offer you the best possible treatment without any misrepresentations. They know that if they have been vetted by Dochsa they are part of an elite set of therapists that are well respected for their specialties, trained and insured. This evens the playing field.

So we all win...

Either check if your therapist is already part of the Dochsa Directory and has been vetted, or if they have not been vetted by us, request a personalised report before you pay out any monies.

The reports we offer cover the following areas:

  • Basic Report:
    • Qualifications
    • Insurance
    • Membership Bodies
  • Standard Report
    • Customer Reviews
    • Vetting Details
  • Advanced Report
    • Adverse Credit (perfect if you are being asked to pay up front)
    • ID Report
    • DBS
    • Criminal Report