Contributions to Excellence in Teaching

Documentation of artistic excellence in teaching and coaching students reflected by course assignments that exceed the University workload policy of 3/3 course assignment, served as coordinator of ongoing visiting playwrights workshop series and continued appointment to serve as Playwriting minor area coordinator.

        • Taught 8/6 classes each semester in the Department of Theatre Arts.
        • Taught 2 classes during summer school in the Department of Theatre Arts.
        • Served as area coordinator for playwriting minor.
        • Guided and supported students through ongoing advisement sessions
        • Extended learning beyond the classroom through student attendance at local theatrical productions followed by analysis and discussion.
        • Facilitated the Visiting Playwrights Series with invited guest playwrights. Final year for Visiting Playwrights Series due to funding deficit.

Classes Taught

Fall 2012

            • Acting Techniques 1
            • Playwriting 1
            • Playwriting 3
            • Play Analysis (section 1)
            • Play Analysis (section 2)
            • Playwriting Seminar 1
            • Creative Drama
            • Freshman Seminar

Spring 2013

            • Acting Techniques 2
            • Playwriting 2
            • Playwriting 4
            • Play Analysis
            • Playwriting Seminar 2
            • Creative Drama

Summer 2013

            • Acting for Non Majors
            • Introduction to Theatre