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Contribution of Research/Creative Work Appropriate to the Disciplines of Playwriting and Dramaturgy

Scholarly Review Equivalencies

Specific scholarly review equivalencies for Books, Refereed Articles and General Articles have been created for promotion/tenure portfolio review for the Department of Theatre Arts. The description of the equivalent Research/Creative Work that support the promotion/tenure portfolio review for the Department of Theatre Arts are outlined in the 2018 Department of Theatre Arts Guidelines and Criteria for Promotion and Tenure. Click here for the specific scholarly review equivalencies for the Department of Theatre Arts. To aide in the review process, beneath the heading for each Creative Work documented below the scholarly equivalency is noted.

Event Details

  • Hart's Role: Scholarly Writing/Presentation Coach
  • Event: Blackademics TV PBS Taping
  • Producer: Blackademics TV & KLRU-TV
  • Location: KLRU-TV, Austin Texas
  • Prep work with Scholars: Nov. 2015-Feb. 2016
  • Rehearsal Dates: February 7 & 11, 2016
  • Taping Dates: February 10&11, 2016
  • Signed Contract - Click Here

Event Description

Taped in front of a live audience at KLRU-TV station in Austin Texas, Blackademics Television is a Lone Star Emmy nominated television series that airs nationally on PBS. In its fourth year, the series features dynamic and informative scholars sharing their research from a wide range of academic, activist and creative backgrounds.

Link to Watch Episode

Photos Below: my 2016 cohort of scholar presenters

Creative Work: Scholarly Writing/Presentation Coach

Scholarly Equivalency - Book

Hart's Contribution as a Scholarly Writing/Presentation Coach

Blackademics TV is a unique opportunity for me to utilize my expertise as a writer and my knowledge of public-focused dramaturgy. Public-focused dramaturgical efforts function to contextualize and offer frameworks for interpretation, critique and analysis.

In 2016 one of my episodes, (Season 4, Episode 1) was nominated for a Lone Star Emmy. You can watch the episode by clicking here.

This was my third year working on the series as a scholarly writing/presentation coach. Serving as a scholar coach for consecutive years helps create a consistent high quality aesthetic for the series. This kind of consistency and attention to excellence produces a series that has both artistic and commercial merit.

The focus of the series is to offer scholarship to local, national and global communities through live studio participation, the internet and television. The finished product reaches approximately 3 million television viewers and airs in Texas, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado and Florida. The seres is also available via the internet on the 350 PBS member stations that serve all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa.

In my role I provide support and training for a cohort of up to six nationally and internationally recognized scholars, artists and activists preparing them to write compelling scholarly researched based presentations to communicate their research focus for a television audience and conduct interactive, engaging academic presentations.

The scholar presenters are the "face" of the series. With my help scholar presenters create a nine minute segment that focuses on their research expertise and interest.

The selection process is highly competitive. Scholars must submit a research abstract and a committee of scholars makes the final selection of twelve scholars for each cohort. Over a twelve week process I hold writing and coaching sessions with each of my six scholars to review and provide feedback on their research abstract. Next, the scholars submit a draft outline of their research critique based presentation. The critique focuses on the strengths and limitations of the research. We engage in discussion and brainstorming via at least two teleconferences or videoconferences to further develop their presentation and analyze the merits and faults of their critique. As we move to the final presentation draft I help the scholars title their talk and pay special attention to editing to create a nine minute presentation segment centered on the scholars research focus.

Of note, as a result of the specific research focus of each scholar, the content focus of the papers is quite varied. During the 2016 season the focus was on impacting youth. Each cohort was a mix of adults whose research is focused on impacting youth and young people who are already functioning as leaders and inspiration for other youth. Through my work as a scholar coach I help shape the advancement of scholarly and public discourse on a wide variety of research subjects.

Once I and the cohort of scholars arrives in Austin I continue to advise the scholar presenters on set for the live taping by being present and supportive during the rehearsal sessions preceding each recording session.

The contribution and outcome of my coaching is consistent high quality researched based presentations that are nationally broadcast and distributed around the world via PBS television stations and electronic media.

"Each presenter shared that with Denise’s knowledge of dramaturgy, writing and performance they were able to translate their academic and scholarly presentation in a way that significantly impacted the audience. In fact, more than one of her assigned scholars shared that they felt they couldn’t have done as well without Denise’s training and support." ~ Dr. Kevin Foster, Executive Producer
Ben Gilbarg, a TV/ film producer and director who presents on how to empower and engage youth through social programs
Kelley Glover, a vocalist, dancer, actress, and music instructor who also created a children’s music literacy cartoon and sight singing game app called, U BETTER SING! Kelley will be presenting on youth empowerment through music education.
Young entrepreneurs from around the United States inspire with their business successes and community engagement. Introducing Jeremiah & Joshua West two young entrepreneurs & authors, teaching kids how to manage money.
Mikaila Ulmer, founder of Me & the Bees Lemonade, present on the importance of bees to the ecosystem and why and how she started her successful Lemonade business that is now featured in stores like Whole Foods Market!

Production Details

    • Hart's Role: Playwright & Production Director
    • Play: Hot Fun in the Summer Time
    • Producer: The Children's Theatre Workshop
    • Location: Washington DC
    • Rehearsal Dates: June 19-July 23, 2016
    • Production Dates: July 22-23, 2016

Production Materials

Creative Work: Playwright

Scholarly Equivalency - Refereed Article

Hart's Contribution as Playwright/Production Director

The role of a playwright is to tell relatable entertaining stories that fit inside a theatrical structure and have artistic and commercial merit.

With a 22 year career as a playwright and director of plays written for child actors performing for family audiences, the production of "Hot Fun in the Summer Time" was a thrilling play to write. Inspired by events and situations I witnessed amongst campers over the years, I was mindful to consider the varying ages of the audience members when constructing the story, creating the characters and music lyrics.

With regard to process, in the initial stages I collaborated with the musical director to create the lyrics and musical story structure. Thereafter I developed a draft of the script prior to the production and once the cast was selected I was able to make edits and incorporate ideas from the child actors. Once the final 90 minute full length script was completed a full cast read through was held and thereafter the rehearsal process began.

In my role as the production director I created the rehearsal schedule and conducted daily rehearsals with the actors. In addition, I held production meetings with the design team to make decisions regarding how to best capture the look, tone and mood of the play. Lastly, in collaboration with the design team I managed the tech process in preparation for the public event.

My contribution as playwright made to achieve the goals of creating a production reflecting artistic and commercial merit for "Hot Fun in the Summer Time" include:

      • Conduct ethnological and anthropological research to aide with developing the story line and characters
      • Write and edit multiple drafts of the play script
      • Collaborate with music director on the flow and structure of the story as told through music
      • Produce final script for production execution

Play Synopsis

During one of the hottest summers that anyone can recall, a group of kids return to their very familiar sleep away camp, Camp Rock Creek, and think they're in for more of the same. However, when new camp counselor 'Seize the Day Pearlie Mae' joins the camp everything and everyone is forced to turn over a brand new leaf.

The once dominant bully squad is met with a dose of their own bully-filled-medicine when Pearlie Mae and her favorite Bee turn the camp fire night from "It's a Wonderful Life" to "It's a Horrible Life," and teach the bullies and the other campers the true meaning of creating a world filled with friendship, caring and community support.

Camp Rock Creek and the campers will never be the same after this hilarious lesson filled summer.