Welcome to my world.

Hi Thanks for visiting my webpage. It's all about green energy with focus on my 15Kwh powerwall built with recycled & upcycled 18650 batteries.
These pages are about my findings, my fails, my tips and tricks. You'll get all the info you need to built your own system without doing the research. I tried to built this systeem as cheap as possible without sacrificing safety and reliability.
Be aware building a power is not like making a Bob Ross painting....mistakes can cause large unhappy accidents. Your guide is experienced, so let's have a look.

The menu of this site contains links to all pages with info about all parts of the powerwall. The batteries, construction of the packs, solar panels, combinerbox, inverter, charger, ...To make it even more easier for you, affiliate links to the hardware are added on the bottom of each page. Please use these links and support this page.

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Next step is adding some HOW-TO movies. Stay tuned.

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