Ongoing post-doc projects

Chiara GIORDANO "L’emploi non déclaré de migrants dans le soin aux personnes âgées: un décalage entre la perception et la réalité?" (financement: Innoviris, 2019-2023)

Alejandra ALARCON "Empower Youth. Social and Civic Engagement in Brussels", (financement Innoviris Anticipate), 2018-2022.

Djordje SREDANOVIC "Values and meaning of citizenship and nationality: attitudes and tactics in the wake of Brexit" (Chargé de recherche FNRS, 2017-2021)

Former post-doc projects

Celine TENEY "The group threat hypothesis revisited with geographically weighted regression. A joint substantial and methodological comparative study", financement FNRS chargée de recherche, 2009-2010

Alejandra ALARCON "Equal opportunities for migrant youth in educational systems with high levels of social and ethnic segregation – assessing the impact of school team resources", financement ERC, 2012-2017

Katia PILATI “Ethnic social capital and its impact on generalised trust and political participation among ethnic minority groups", financement FRNS Mandat d'Impulsion Scientifique, 2008-2011

Federica INFANTINO "Practicing Immigration Detention and Deportation in the EU. Actors, Organizations, and Transnational Policymaking from Below", financement FNRS chargée de recherche, 2015-2018

Géraldine ANDRE "Baromètre de la Diversité Enseignement", financement UNIA, 2015-2017