SBIR Phase I Award

Diamond Glen Software was awarded SBIR Phase I Test Diagram Generation

The proposed D-TDGen is designed to significantly cut costs and facilitate both Test Diagram generation and Test Diagram maintenance. In addition, D-TDGen will improve Test Diagram quality, provide more efficient troubleshooting of TPS problems, facilitate and simplify the analysis of Cannot Duplicate (CND) and Re-Test OK (RTOK) occurrences, promote the use of both ATML and ATLAS Test Programs thus improving interoperability.

Finally, D-TDGen is designed to adapt to multiple Test Program source languages including ATML. In the future, D-TDGen will be adapted to accept additional ATLAS subsets, National Instruments LabView and LabWindows CVI in addition to being compatible with the CASS Test Oriented Wire List (TOWL) format.

Automation of Test Diagrams is clearly the future of TPS development. As D-TDGen is introduced into the DoD market, it will soon be hard to imagine manually creating Test Diagrams or developing TPS’s without the aid of D-TDGen for all phases of TPS development from the initial design phases through support of fielded TPSs. D-TDGen will revolutionize the field of TPS design and development for both the DoD and commercial Automatic Test Program industries.