EZPACS was designed for fast and accurate reading.

  • Once your preferences are set up, your cases will be automatically prepped the way you want to see them.
  • All image stacks can be cine’d at the same, with reference lines on the series with different planes.
  • Templates, based on the type of study, are used for making fast and attractive summaries for the referring doctors.
  • Display protocols show the images in the layout you want based on modality.
  • Dictation templates produce fewer typos and provide fast turn-around on reports, so the case will still be fresh in the radiologist’s mind

Simple, easy and fast

  • FDA Approved
  • Crop, scale, measurement, ROI, angle and annotation tools
  • Hanging protocols
  • Scouts
  • Automatic grouping of series for use in cine
  • Cine with reference lines
  • Instant access to years-old exams for use as a comparison
  • Preliminary Summary reports
  • Report templates
  • Web approval of reports
  • Web-based remote reading / teleradiology