EZPACS was designed for fast and accurate reading of radiological images.

EZRIS is all the software needed to run an imaging center from scheduling, medical records through to billing and collections.

Reed Data, Inc., uses our software suite to archive, search, and transmit financial documents for credit unions.

Zond Energy, a subsidiary of Enron, uses our real-time embedded code at the wind farm in Tehachapi.

BodyViews is a radiology image viewer that is distributed to patients who have whole body scans. The patient can take the CD home and view a “movie” of their scans. They can also change the brightness and contrast to see either bone or soft tissue on the same image.

TDGen enables engineers to view only the circuitry that interests them on a schematic. This tool is used by Automatic Test Engineers who run diagnostic tests on aircraft components. The aircraft schematics are often the size of a football field. TDGen produces a much smaller schematic displaying only the circuitry that is “hot” during a particular test. For even more clarity, selected signal lines can be automatically colored.

SmartPACS allows radiologists to read images from anywhere in the world. It displays MRI, US, NM and CT images on multiple 24″ monitors. Unlike film on a light box, SmartPACS allows images to be zoomed and color enhanced. The ciné feature displays the images as if you were “walking” through the body. The ROI feature provides numerical information about areas where the human eye cannot discern differences. Pacific Bell aired this software in a TV commercial for telecommunication.

Benningham Mall International Paper Dolls is a multimedia paper doll software for girls. There are 5 large printable dolls, 101 tabbed outfits, places to explore, animations to watch and lively music. A “magic” (non-bitmap) coloring program is included that has patterns and tulle. The software is a hybrid that works on Mac and Windows platforms.

Geoff co-authored the paper ATLAS on an Apple which was presented the prize for best presentation at AUTOTESTCON in 1981.