Credit Union Software Suite

December 6, 1998

2020COLD – Report archiving and searching

2020COLD delivers the reports you are using now to all of your PC desktops. The report view includes the “green bar” screen and displays the page at full-width without scrolling left and right. Your reports look exactly as they look on paper with the very same text layout. Your staff will find it easy because there is no change in report orientation. That can mean less staff training and faster adoption by staff. With five minutes of training, a current Windows user can effectively use 2020COLD.

With Automated Searching, sort through the report for any amount or part of an amount, account number, transaction code, or member name, even search across a date range of many reports. Out-of-balance items are resolved in seconds; auditing historical reports is fast and simple. Since your most experienced staff can resolve unusual problems quickly, this helps to make best use of your most valuable staff’s time.

2020DOCS – Scanned Documents / Imaging

2020DOCS is designed for automated storage and recall of images of paper documents; examples are checks, signed forms, signature cards, signed loan contracts, employee records and member correspondence. The images are stored with a customized database for fast retrieval. 2020DOCS saves storage space and provides easy access to quickly recover documents.

All scanned documents are permanently archived on CD-ROM and duplicated for off-site storage for disaster recovery. The off-site set of CDs have both the images and the software application to provide access to all of your most valuable documents with “off-the-shelf” PC hardware.

By storing your documents electronically, all of your files are available across a network. This saves staff time in retrieving documents and eliminates misfiled documents. Physical distribution and availability from many offices can add a level of service that is not possible by other means. Eliminating storage space can avoid expensive remodeling and make the environment much more professional for your members and staff.


ProDOCS automates the capture of a document with the appropriate member's signature onto the 2020DOCS System. Signature documents are captured by the ProDOCS program and displayed on the employee’s PC during the printing of the document. The employee has the member authorize the transaction by signing the signature pad and provides the member with a hard copy of the document for their records. The document is stored as an image containing the transaction information and the member’s signature together, which is available for retrieval in the 2020DOCS Imaging System.


PAPERLESS RECEIPTS delivers to you the ability to automate electronic storage of receipt information, including the members signature, which is necessary to complete the transaction. If you utilize ICD (Intelligent Computing Devices) at your teller counters, time consuming storage and costly research time for receipt copies can be eliminated. With PAPERLESS RECEIPTS, copies of the member’s transactions, including the signature, are stored automatically into our 2020DOCS System.

Members sign the printed receipt on a digital pad, right at your teller counter. Your member takes the hard copy of the receipt for the their records and you store your copy electronically, no paper – no fuss. By storing the receipts electronically, access to transaction information is available over your entire network.

Eliminating expensive storage requirements and costly research time is achieved with electronic storage of receipts and provides a more professional environment for your staff and members.

2020eDOCS – Electronic Document Delivery

2020eDOCS is designed to allow members access to their account documents through the Internet. Documents that you have traditionally stored for permanent archive and ablative evidence purposes can now be leveraged as a member service tool. Documents such as cleared checks, member statements and loan documents are a few examples. Members utilizing the Internet can securely access pertinent information about their accounts with a standard browser. Copies of the original documents can also be sent to their registered email address – whenever they want.

Our unique approach to Optical Archiving allows you to enhance utilization of our 2020DOCS System by delivering to your members ultimate access to their account related documents and to do it securely 24/7. 2020eDOCS harnesses the power of the Internet and helps you reduce costly research time for staff members, while eliminating the postage and mailing costs of member inquiries when copies of original documents are required.


Member Service Same Day Delivery Anywhere in the World: Your member can receive their statement the same day it is produced on your in­house system. Delivery is postage free and nearly instantaneous. It is delivered with the form as a graphic file and as text for importing to other PC applications. Regulatory notices and problem resolution instructions are included in the mailing. Even your newsletter can be included.

Affordable: Statements are produced and sent without printing or postage.

Credit Unions have estimated their cost of statement mailing at more than one dollar per client. Savings can easily pay for this technology with a few hundred members participating in Email4Statements.

Simple to Get Started: The system provides mailing lists to those members without a logged email address. Email addresses are maintained as part of the system.

Secure: This is one-way communication, so your statement database is not exposed to someone dialing into your server. You are sending your member an encrypted, password-protected file to the address that they have verified. Return of non-deliverable mail is a normal email function. An audit log and audit statement run are included in the application.

Statement Archive: Credit Unions can store years of history on-line to provide a convenient archive for all member statements, including email and non-email statements.

Hardware Independent: Email4Statements provides a built-in interface for virtually any hardware that produces statements. Your main DP vendor can change hardware, or even operating systems and email operates independently.

OPTIONS: Thumbnail images of checks for current period. You can now deliver check copies right along with your monthly checking statements*. Reed Data’s special approach to optical archiving will allow you to deliver all the information your members want.