Delivered FilmByPaper to USC

FilmByPaper produces high quality paper prints referring physicians will be proud to use.

The use of color definition in new imaging modalities precludes the use of film. Yet the convenience of hard copy, non-computerized, non-system dependence still remains. The color scan used by the diagnostic radiologists can be shared with the patient.

FilmByPaper offers a ten fold cost savings over film. Our FilmByPaper System can pay for itself in a matter of a few months. A typical ROI is five months. Film is costly to ship, store, produce and archive. The weight and special handling characteristics of Film suffers added costs at every stage of use. An often overlooked cost is personnel time wasted with slow film printers.

Even with prices expected to continue to rise, the film alone is well over $2 each. Shipping, production and storage can easily double that cost. Many fully digitized operations are unaware of the amount of film printing for referring physicians who need hard copy output for their own patients records in their outside offices. The cost of film printer maintenance is virtually more than all the costs for FilmByPaper.

Your staff can produce 6 to 8 large format (11×17) prints in under one minute, start to finish. Extra prints can be run for patients to take with them in appropriate cases. Of course, paper is easy to order, store, deliver and archive. It is easier for you staff, referring physicians and patients.