SBIR Proposal for PMA275

January 11, 2012

Diamond Glen Software has a working prototype of an ATLAS to ATML application that we demonstrated to the PMA260 at Autotestcon 2010. The ATML output from our tool contains Test Signal Framework (TSF) and Basic Signal Component (BSC). This will give us a head start on the first of the 3 tools: Test Program to ATML. Some of the ground work for the Test Requirements to ATML tool was covered in our previous Phase I award for a Test Diagram Generator. We will expand on that knowledge. For the 3rd tool, Test Requirements vs. Instrument Capability, we show how to describe signals using IEEE 1641 standards and then compare them. For the signal library, we will model all the signals in 2 CASS test programs: one RF and one Electro-optical (EO).

Robert Alek, our engineering consultant, has been doing auto test before it was auto. We have many years of experience writing ATLAS compilers, TRD preparation tools, LASAR post processors, and ATS test executives. Our experience and determination will result in a high probability of success in the design and development of a new set of ATML tools, which is the ultimate objective of this project.