Past Highlights

Through the years. | Tyler, MN

Danish Folk Dancing in the Gym Hall - 2011


2018 Folk Meeting Photos

~Field Trips

~Spontaneous Dancing in the Aisle

~Good Food

~Inspirational Lectures


Each year as people depart the Folk Meeting they believe they have just attended the "best" year ever.

The committee hosting the meeting works diligently to provide Danish "hygge," coziness, for the attendees. "Hygge" (a unique Danish word) is defined in Xenophobe's guide to the DANES as "the art of creating intimacy: a sense of comradeship, conviviality, and contentment rolled into one."

Our days begin with singing and meaningful devotions often lead by one of the scheduled speakers.

The nine lectures are woven into the day together with singing, coffee times and meals, discussions and storytelling, socializing, and folk dancing.

Past Lecture Leaders Included

~ 2005 Former US Astronaut Ed Gibson

~2008 Former MN Associate Justice of MN Supreme Court, Paul Anderson

~2016 Regional Outreach Director for the Federal Reserve, Ron Wirtz

~2018 Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arradondo

Recent Topics

~Global Warming

~The Lakota Way

~Life of Ben Franklin


~ELCA Malaria Campaign

~The Public's Role in Religion


~Artists of the Chicago Imagists

~Diabetes: Past, Present, Future

~This is Not Your Grandpa's Farm