NFS Grundtvig

Tyler, MN

"A folk school experience affirming the joy of living through enlightenment, fellowship, song and dance, faith and worship in the context of a Danish-American tradition."

The Folk School concept of education had its birth in the teachings of Danish pastor, philosopher, educator, and hymnist N.F.S. Grundtvig, (1783-1872). The Folk School mission was to help youth to know and appreciate life's richness and nobility. His schools taught history, religion, civics, poetry, language, music (with an emphasis on singing), the arts, and 'practical lessons' in living. No degrees were granted since he believed the goal of education was to ignite the desire for knowledge.

Grundtvig's ideas were the foundation of the Danebod Folk School serving Danish American immigrants of the midwest and their children as they transitioned from 'the old country' - Denmark - to the new land of America.

The four day Folk Meeting event continues the idea of learning for learning's sake. During the meeting you will celebrate the living word through personal interaction, spiritual discovery and renewal and academic enlightenment.

Below are images of Grundtvig and the Copenhagen kirke (church) built (1921-40) as a tribute to the man.

Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1843)

Artist: Christian Albrecht Jensen (1792–1870)

Grundtvig's Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit Jan Rasmussen