The Folk Meeting - a Long Standing Danebod Tradition

Read more about this event and its 75-year old history.

August 17 - 21, 2022

"Learning must be relevant to the total life of mankind."

N.F.S. Grundtvig, 19th C. Danish Bishop, Theologian, Educator and Father of the Danish Folk High School.

In the mid forties the Folk School brick building stood vacant on the Danebod campus in Tyler, MN. The future of the historic district was bleak. Fortunately Danebod Pastor Enok Mortensen was inspired to repurpose the Danebod Folk School campus and provide programming for the public. By engaging the Tyler community and the Danebod congregation his vision became a reality.

One of the new programs offered at the refurbished Folk School was the Danebod Folk Meeting. Today this activity continues in the spirit of the Grundtvigian folk school to offer citizen enlightenment, social opportunity and introspection as part of the Folk School experience. Since l946 people from coast to coast and abroad come together in August at the Danebod Folk School, Tyler, MN. Please consider joining the fun.

If you are looking for a personal growth experience fostering the joy of living the Danebod Folk Meeting is for you. All are welcome as we listen and learn from each other.