Frequently Asked Questions

August 17-21, 2022

~What is a Folk Meeting?

An elderhostile experience or "camp" for adults.

~Who inspired the Folk School concept?

The Folk School concept of education had its birth in the theology and educational philosophy of the Danish pastor, philosopher, educator, hymn-writer, and crusader for Christian reawakening-Bishop N.F.S. Grundtvig, (1783-1872)

~What is the Danebod folk school campus in Tyler, MN?

The campus in Southwest Minnesota consists of eleven buildings of architectural and historical significance. The first buildings were constructed on campus in the late 1800's and the district was placed on the National Historic Register in 1975. The Danebod district was founded by Danish immigrants who settled in Lincoln County, MN in 1886. The first wooden folk school building was erected in 1888, and was replaced by a brick structure in 1917. The church sanctuary was built in 1895.

~Why was the folk school built?

The Tyler Danebod community served Danish American immigrants and their children in the transition from 'the old country' to America. Winter sessions for young men and summer sessions for women were offered. The aim of the Folk school was to help youth to know and appreciate life's richness and nobility. History, religion, poetry, language, music, the arts and practical programs were a part of the curriculum. No degrees were granted as it was assumed that the important aspect of education was to ignite the desire for knowledge and give thanks to the richness of life.

~Is this a residential experience?

Most participants sleep in the dormitory-style sleeping rooms in the brick "old main" building on campus. However, there are hotel options in the area for those who cannot walk the stairs to sleeping rooms and a Danebod Lodge was recently added to the campus. Expenses for hotel rooms or The Lodge are not included in the registration fee. Available housing in the folk school dormitories is included in the cost of registration.

~Is the campus handicap accessible?

Most of the campus is accessible with ramps. However, the second and third floor Folk School dormitory sleeping rooms are only accessible by stairs. People sleeping on-site should expect to use stairs to access their rooms and to share communal bathrooms located on each floor. A seven-room facility with handicapped housing is available with priority to people with limited mobility. The cost to rent the Danebod Lodge accessible housing will be added to the tuition to attend the Folk Meeting. Six of the rooms in the Danebod Lodge accessible housing are two-person rooms with two twin beds in each room, private bath, and air conditioning. One rooom has a queen bed. Contact the church office for availability: 507-247-3000 or our registrar at 507-530-2552.

The number at the local Tyler Motel is 507-247-3211.

~Do I have to be Danish to attend the Folk Meeting or be a member of any organization?

All are welcome at this event.

~What activities are planned?

Nine lectures, storytelling, devotions, singing, dancing, discussion, socializing and great food.

~Are the lectures based on a theme?

No, lectures are multidisciplinary in content to offer a variety of topics. See the schedule and bios for this year's programming.

~What is included with the registration fee?

The fee pays for all programming, all meals and coffees and sleeping space, if available, in the brick folk school building.