Resources for Secretaries

Quick Tips for Secretaries

Prior to the Meeting:

  • 10 days prior to meeting, president sends out draft agenda and requests that people on the agenda email written reports to secretary and president three days before the meeting.
  • 4 days prior to meeting, president sends updated agenda and final request for written reports (due Friday before meeting), and a copy of the previous meeting minutes.
  • Secretary copy-and-pastes written reports into Meeting Minutes template in PTA's Google Drive (or other cloud-based storage system), using the meeting's agenda as the basic outline.
  • Send out reminder email to anyone who has not yet sent in a written report and copy president.

At the Meeting:

  • Bring a printed copy of the Sign-in Sheet
  • At the meeting, follow along as people give reports. If they don’t cover something they’ve sent in their written report, prompt to ask them.
    • Reports don’t have to be overly detailed and wordy. Not every word must be captured.
    • If someone didn’t supply a report, type as they speak, capturing general gist and ask them to submit their report after the meeting.
    • No need to audio record meetings.
  • No need to note who makes the motion, seconds or any of the discussion.
  • Votes are only recorded if there is something that’s not unanimous.
  • Motions are bolded and italicized in meeting minutes:
    • Motion to adopt the May 2020 CUC Treasurer’s Report. Second. Discussion. Motion passes.
    • Motion to add a Spring Tea to the program calendar. Second. Discussion. Vote: 5 yes. 7 no. Motion fails.

After Meeting (same day):

  • Review sign in list. Check Meeting Minutes Document for spelling errors. Email meeting minutes to exec board as pdf.
  • Make a copy of meeting minutes and name it for the next meeting. Name files as follows with date first for better organization of files:
    • Year-Month-Date Unit Name Exec Meeting Minutes (e.g., 2020-09-07 CUC Exec Mtg Minutes)
  • On the new copy, change meeting date, delete previous names and reports so the document is ready to fill in with next month’s reports.
  • Make changes to minutes if anyone provides corrections.