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G-Suite for Nonprofits

Does your PTA want to have their own domain (like and personalized email addresses for officers? You can get these free tools by setting up a G-Suite for Nonprofits account!

Just follow the steps below (click each step's hyperlink for details on how):

  1. Buy a Domain
  2. Sign up for G Suite
  3. Verify your domain for G Suite
  4. Enroll in G Suite for Nonprofits
  5. Google Domains: Verify Your Domain
  6. Set up Gmail for your Team

Google Drive Training

Membership Toolkit

Membership Toolkit provides one organized solution for collecting Memberships, Donations, Volunteers, emails & Newsletters, Accounting, Directory, Events, and more!

Contact CUC PTAs Using Membership Toolkit:

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Online email marketing platforms have discounts for nonprofits. Here are examples of programs to consider for your PTA:

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Phishing Email - Scam Alert

In October 2017, CUSD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Chris Write, alerted us of a phishing scam that is hitting districts and PTAs across the county. Districts have been getting emails sent to their accounts payable technicians to wire transfer funds to a specific routing number, account number and bank name. Local PTA treasurers have been getting a similar email. The emails were sent from an outside server and the sender created an email which appeared to be from an administrator in the district or from a PTA leader. Be wary and always follow the financial guidelines set forth by your bylaws.