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G-Suite for Nonprofits

Does your PTA want to have their own domain (like and personalized email addresses for officers? You can get these free tools by setting up a G-Suite for Nonprofits account!

Just follow the steps below (click each step's hyperlink for details on how):

  1. Buy a Domain

  2. Sign up for G Suite

  3. Verify your domain for G Suite

  4. Enroll in G Suite for Nonprofits*

  5. Google Domains: Verify Your Domain

  6. Set up Gmail for your Team

*To prove your PTA's Units status as a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity under IRS regulations, you must have a valid Letter of Determination from CAPTA which the PTA president or treasurer can request from the California State PTA office by contacting

Google Drive Training

Google Website for your PTA Unit

Membership Toolkit

Membership Toolkit provides one organized solution for collecting Memberships, Donations, Volunteers, emails & Newsletters, Accounting, Directory, Events, and more!

Contact CUC PTAs Using Membership Toolkit:

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Additional Communications Information

Phishing Email - Scam Alert

In October 2017, CUSD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Chris Write, alerted us of a phishing scam that is hitting districts and PTAs across the county. Districts have been getting emails sent to their accounts payable technicians to wire transfer funds to a specific routing number, account number and bank name. Local PTA treasurers have been getting a similar email. The emails were sent from an outside server and the sender created an email which appeared to be from an administrator in the district or from a PTA leader. Be wary and always follow the financial guidelines set forth by your bylaws.