Legislative Reps Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Legislative Representative role is to state what positions the PTA, both State and National, support and to objectively report on issues. Advocacy is a big part of PTA, but it’s not personal issue advocacy, but rather reporting on the issues of our local school district and the issues supported by PTA. View Summary Here.

Legislation Representative Resources

CAPTA​ ​Legislation​ ​Action​ ​Reports​:

CAPTA​ ​Legislation​ ​Alerts:​

CAPTA​ ​Sacramento​ ​Update:

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Social Media for Legislative Reps

CAPTA on Twitter: @CaliforniaPTA

CUSD Superintendent Churchill on Twitter: @suptchurchill

CUSD on Twitter: @CarlsbadUnified

San Diego County Office of Education on Twitter: @SanDiegoCOE

Social Media & PTA Advocacy

See the image at left for guidelines from California State PTA about social media & advocacy usage.