CUSD Programs

Health & Safety

  • Red Ribbon Week is October 25-29, 2021

Educational Programs

Environmental Programs

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle efforts are continuing across our Carlsbad Unified School District this year.

CUSD Program Contacts

  • Please check your school website and CUSD website for Program updates

  • Contact CUSD Student Services Specialist, Rosemary Eshelman at for questions about Parent University Programs

Programs of Units

Tips for Programs VPs & Chairs

Insurance for PTA Programs

PTA Insurance (new provider as of Oct 2018)

*Units are responsible for ensuring that all their programs comply with PTA insurance rules.

Program Planning Worksheet

To coordinate your program's budget, hospitality, communications & more, consider using the following Google Sheet as a template:

Program Evaluation Forms

Have attendees of PTA programs complete a Program Evaluation Form to get feedback for future PTA programs:

Committee Budgets and Expenses

  • When the membership approves the PTA’s budget, it authorizes the board of directors to spend the PTA funds.

  • This is not an authorization for a committee to spend funds. It is common for each committee to formulate its own plan and budget, and present these to the board of directors.

  • The board reviews these plans and the committee’s budget in relation to the entire PTA budget and approves, modifies, or disapproves the committee’s plans or budget.

  • No committee chair or committee member can commit the PTA to a program, project, activity, plan or any obligation, financial or otherwise, without approval of the board of directors. If contracts are to be signed, only elected officers may sign them.

  • When plans change within a committee which may impact the budget, approval must be obtained to spend funds not previously approved.

  • Expenses incurred without prior approval may become a personal expense and not be reimbursed by the PTA.

  • Managing your Nonprofit PTA Handbook (See page 19 )

  • How to Manage Your Budget

Managing Conflict & Promoting Teamwork on Committees

Committee Members must Understand that:

  • Committees do not function as separate groups but are part of the association and must operate within the framework of PTA bylaws, policies, and procedures;

  • Committees make recommendations, not decisions;

  • All projects and activities must have the approval of the executive board and the association in advance; and

  • All money raised or derived from the activities of a committee is deposited in the unit treasury and shall not be expended by any chairman or committee without the approval of the executive board and association.