As the founders of AFTer Hours Adult Folktale Telling, Doria Hughes, Angela Kessler and Lynn Noel will be delighted to bring a program of 18+ folktales to your community. Choose any one of our solo programs, book all three of us as a trio feature, or ask us to create a custom program with any two of us for your audience!


A WOMAN'S WAY: The First Millennium of Adventurous Women

GUDRID THE WANDERER: First Viking Woman in the New World

LISETTE'S JOURNEY: Crossing the Continent by Fur Trade Canoe in 1819

Second Sundays 7-9 pm at Center for the Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA

I'm proud to be one of the co-founders of AFTer Hours, an adult folktale telling series finding common ground in the deep, dark roots of the World Tree of folklore and folk music. Ancient yet fresh themes and situations speak to the depths and guts of the human experience. We didn’t find this space as we can imagine it, so we set out to create that shared vision in our own community.

We want people to be able to connect to old stories in new ways, and rediscover the pleasure of listening to narrative stories told by people who have really practiced their art. We also want to encourage people to participate in the making of art, through the open mic portion of our events.

Telling folktales live in concert creates a shared space of universality and relevance to our life experience as adults coming to grips with the world.