Summoning the Sun

Summoning the Sun

Room, room, brave gallants all, and give us room to rhyme!

We come to show activity this winter solstice time.

The roots of our great festival lie hidden at the base

Of Ygdrasil, the World Tree, and these for you I'll trace.

The Haida have a trickster, shapeshifter full of fun

‘Twas Raven fooled the Old Ones and stole us back the sun.

At Hanukkah the lights do blaze for eight nights and a day

And Maccabees do celebrate midwinter victory.

Saint George shall come and die by swords that circle round his neck

As winter dies, so shall he die, and then to life like spring.

In Sweden, Saint Lucia brings her little Christmas Jul,

And Saturnalia brings from Rome the ancient Feast of Fools.

A star shone over Bethlehem to guide the wise men three

And in Japan it's time to cut your Kadomatsu tree.

In the pueblos of New Mexico they dance the matachin

And light the luminaria to guide the wise men in.

For African-Americans, it's Kwanzaa time tonight

For seven spirit principles to show the inner light.

For the Iroquois, the snow-snakes are the game of winter feasts

Where Big Heads go a-visiting to banish winter's beast.

In northern lands around the world the fires are alight

To drive away the darkness on this, the longest night.

We bid you carol with us, sing wassail every one

Now, welcome in the New Year and summon up the sun!