Going Upriver

A musical history of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence (1988)

Lynn's 1988 GOING UPRIVER tour celebrated the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Wild & Scenic Rivers System and the 5th anniversary of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System. Sponsored by Parks Canada and QLF/Atlantic Center for the Environment, the tour presented concerts, workshops, and environmental education at parks, museums, nature centers, and Heritage/Wild & Scenic Rivers from St. Croix, NB to St. Croix, MN. GOING UPRIVER earned Lynn a Volunteer Service Award from the Canadian Parks Service.

Going Upriver is no longer available as a recording or live performance. Two new branches support current touring programs.

C'est l'Aviron contains the voyageur songs of the fur trade from Going Upriver. This is now a companion concert to Lynn's living history roleplay of Lisette's Journey, first developed during the 1988 Going Upriver tour. Visit the standalone Lisette's Journey blog to read about the fascinating life of fur trader Lisette Laval Harmon, who crossed the continent by canoe in 1819 from British Columbia to Vermont.

Voice of the River contains the remaining original and traditional material from Going Upriver, as well as more recent river songs suitable for Earth Day and environmental festivals and local watershed organizations.