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The Mermaid's Tavern

Ordering a CD? Enjoyed an online ballad or chantey sing? Learned something new from the blog or the Facebook groups? Want more online houseconcerts from me and from artists who need a boost from me to get live online? Toss a cup of coffee or a concert ticket in the virtual tip jar and help me keep paying it forward to the digital community.

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CDs and books available on Bandcamp. To pay by check, email info@lynnoel.com

If you would like to help sustain this work, please consider joining the Mermaid's Tavern with a monthly membership so we can continue to reach an inclusive audience online.

Each donation to the tip jar is a vote of confidence in the Mermaid's Tavern session series, DIY Digital coaching and Future of Folk workshops, Crosscurrents Music releases, and the vision of Digital Heritage Consulting to connect heritage traditions in online community. Thank you!