Lord of Misrule

Lord of Misrule

Rise the sun, and run the deer

Winter's Christmas King is here!

Master of the revels and ruler of the feast

He bids you turn the tables from the greatest to the least!

From the Romans Saturnalia to the Norsemen's feast of Yule

Where twelve days crack the calendar and crown the King of Fools

He comes to banish winter and to summon up the sun

Drive out the dark! Ring in the new! Wassail him, every one!

Lord of Misrule is crowned here, welcome or welcome not

This cake has heads to crown tonight from out our chosen lot!

Now who will rule this revel? Who will be our Solstice Queen?

And who her winter consort, the Great King of the Bean?

Cut a slice, and find the Babe

And you King of the Bean are made!

Find the shilling, find the Queen,

All hail the Good Queen of the Bean!