A moveable feast of Ancient and Victorian songs for midwinter merriment

Wes-hael! Be hale and hearty in good company, and hail the returning light with a community gathering of song, merriment, and feasting for all. This program is a traveling version of Lynn's legendary annual holiday party, now in its 18th year. The Mallard Wassail features a boisterous carol sing, a traditional mummers' play, the ceremonial entrance of the world's only vegetarian boar's head, a groaning board of Victorian and Renaissance holiday fare, and a giant silver wassail bowl of flaming wine.

We will bring the carol sing to you with printed Mallard Wassail Books like the PDF below, and arrange a nonalcoholic wassail bowl and a sufficiently groaning board as the venue permits (sadly, most venues prohibit lighting wine on fire indoors). There might even be a mummers' play--you never know with the Paper Bag Mummers. Join in the holiday fellowship of song and embrace the true meaning of Wassail!

Mallard Wassail Songbook.pdf
Mallard Wassail Boke of Gode Cookery.pdf