Bluewater and Whitewater Music

Lynn is a regionally and nationally respected songleader with a powerful voice, a huge repertoire, and a gift for audience participation. Her Sea Music Singarounds have packed halls to capacity at regional and national festivals. She can pack for a 30-day Arctic wilderness canoe trip and for a luxury cruise singing sea chanteys in front of a white piano. Lynn's sea music braids together working chanteys from the age of sail; flowing ballads of love, loss, and life at sea; environmental education in marine ecology; and a rich knowledge of maritime history with a focus on seafaring women.

Boston maritime ballads, broadsides, and chanteys old and new

Songs for the relaunching of America's oldest commissioned warship

Gulf of Saint Lawrence/Golfe du Saint-Laurent

Traditional French, English, and Gaelic songs of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia/Cape Breton, and PEI

Traditional and contemporary river songs selected for your watershed

Illustrated lecture/concert of the life and work of sailor, sea chantey collector, and social worker Joanna (Nan) Carver Colcord (1882-1860) of Searsport, Maine

Vintage maritime poetry arranged for song in the tradition of Peter Bellamy, Garnet Rogers, and more

Lynn's adventures include paddling 600 miles of the Yukon and 14 other Canadian rivers with some good serious whitewater, arriving at her wedding in a war canoe, running the Connecticut from source to sea, swimming with the dolphins, doing seabird surveys by helicopter, photographing commercial fishermen at work, and cruising the high seas of the Davis Strait in a hurricane. Lynn has edited and photographed boating guides for Maine and the Bahamas; sung on gundalows, galleons, schooners, clippers, square-riggers and longships; and toured maritime museums in North America, Iceland, Britain, Scandinavia, and the Baltic.

As a writer and scholar with a M.S. in geography, Lynn has presented at watershed stewardship conferences in North America, Estonia and Russia; written an award-winning book on Canada's national river conservation system, and co-chaired the first Canadian Heritage Rivers conference. She has taught saltwater canoeing since age 16, chanteyed for sail handling on tall ships, and lectured on cruise ships from Iceland to Boston. A former board member of the River Management Society, she has received three international awards for excellence in environmental education and heritage stewardship.