micro finance services

In most part of India, particularly in eastern and north -eastern states, credit access has always been lower than access possibility frontier, signifying that within the present cultural, credit market and economic framework as obtaining in these areas, there is considerable scope for improving credit supply. This situation offers vast opportunity for All India MFIs to start credit operation in these states in a big way and NGOs to turn into MFIs.

Creditwatch provide following types of services to create chain of micro credit retailers in Eastern and North Eastern States

Identification of Partner NGOs through TOFFE Rating system

Capacity building for poverty targeting and micro credit accounting

Monitoring of loan portfolio qualities and track repayment records at institution level

Software search and development for Management information flow from Partner institutions to Project level

Study and research on credit delivery models, vulnerability status of credit users and non users and dissemination of knowledge for all stakeholders

financial literacy among the clients/potential clients


Wreen Bandhu mfi software

TOFFE- NGO evaluation system toffe.pdf

TOFFE-specimen report TOFFEreport.pdf