Paintball Pro Shop

Creative Pursuit Games, Inc. is Northern Virginia's only professional-level Paintball Pro Shop independent of a field.

We stock (and special order) products from all the best Paintball Manufacturers, including:

  • Gog / SP (Shocker Paintball) / DLX (Markers, "Freak" Barrels)
  • Inception Designs (Autococker Markers, Accessories)
  • G.I. Sportz (Paintballs, Empire and Tippmann Markers, Hoppers / Loaders, Masks, Accessories)
  • Exalt (Knee / Elbow pads, Pants, Pod Belts, Tank Covers, Barrel Covers, and the innovative "Barrel Maid" Squeegees!)
  • Ninja (The BEST Air Tanks in the world, made in the USA!)
  • Planet Eclipse (Markers)

All our paintballs are kept strictly climate-controlled for maximum accuracy and consistent on-target breaks. Try our legendary, climate-controlled (and competitively-priced!) Empire Marballizer for a superior paintballing experience!

We don't just sell to paintballers... we ARE paintballers.

This means we have carefully selected products that actually work - and work WELL. We will stand behind anything we sell.

It doesn't work, we'll fix it. If it needs a warrantee repair / replacement, we will stand behind you and make sure the company follows through.

You know where to find us, and can talk to us face-to-face - you can't do that with online mega-dealers.

We also help build and tune AUTOCOCKERS and AUTOMAGS!

Our specialty is high-end mechanical paintball guns, but if it's "old school" and worth saving, we will help restore just about anything, including Angels, Intimidators, Shockers, Vikings, Excaliburs... You name it!

Air Fills and Tech Classes coming soon - Experts onsite almost every day.