Read about the impact of integrated health and microfinance interventions, technical guides to start or build on current programs, and health education modules behavior change. Watch video recordings from webinars featuring health NGOs and microfinance organizations.

The Community of Practice for Health and Microfinance (COPHAM) has developed a document cataloging integrated health and microfinance resources produced by RESULTS Educational Fund, Grameen Foundation, and Freedom from Hunger India Trust into a comprehensive resource library.

Check out these great resources on health integration in microfinance!

  • Integrated Health and Microfinance In India, Volume II: The Way Forward (2014)
  • State of the Field of Integrated Health and Microfinance in India, 2012
  • Leveraging the Strengths of Two Sectors to Achieve Widespread Change in Health and Poverty: A Business Case for Integrated Microfinance and Health Programs
  • And more!

For institutions like yours that hold dear a social mission, understanding changes in your clients' well-being is essential to demonstrating both outreach to people living in poverty and improvements in their lives. Read about the Health Outcome Performance Indicators (HOPI) and the "Client Outcome Performance (COPE) Indicators Database," that will assist in collection and analysis of the HOPI survey — or the indicators of your choice.

Members convene once a year for face-to-face interaction and the opportunity to interact with integrated health and microfinance beneficiaries and implementers.

  • Improving Health and Nutrition Outcomes in West Bengal & Jharkhand (October 2018) | LEARN MORE
  • Second Annual COPHAM Stakeholder Meet (September 2017) | LEARN MORE
  • Stakeholder Workshop on "Community of Practice for Health and Microfinance" (September 2016) | LEARN MORE

Future events (tentative)

  • Third Annual COPHAM Stakeholder Meet (April 2019)

We have organized 7 webinars to spark innovation and new collaborations. You can watch recordings, look through the PPTs, and learn more about the featured presenters. Topics:

  • What Does Universal Health Coverage Mean for COPHAM Members?
  • Meaningful Health Protection "the Mutual Way"
  • COPHAM in 2018: Let's get started!
  • Affordable and Quality Healthcare for MFI Client Families
  • Community Health Workers: A Feasible, Viable Channel for Promoting Health Workers
  • Lessons Learned in Building Partnerships to Reach Scale
  • Community of Practice: The Journey So Far and the Next Steps

Want to propose a webinar?

Do you have an exciting health product that reaches distant villages? Or, an innovative cross-sectoral collaboration that has allowed you and partners to reach scale? Contact DSK Rao to pitch your webinar topic.