Promoting organizations

The COPHAM is facilitated in collaboration by RESULTS Educational Fund, Sa-Dhan, Freedom from Hunger India Trust and Grameen Foundation (USA). The ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership also provides support to the community, and COPHAM is made possible with an educational grant from Johnson & Johnson.

RESULTS Educational Fund

RESULTS Educational Fund (a U.S.-based nonprofit 501(c)(3)) is an advocacy organization working in the United States and around the world on projects focused on three key pillars in the fight to end poverty: 1) health, 2) education, and 3) economic opportunity. RESULTS Educational Fund performs cutting-edge research and oversight in these three areas; educates and mobilizes the public, policymakers, and the media; and supports powerful citizenship by training volunteers in public speaking, generating media, and educating their communities and elected officials on issues of poverty. In May 2016, the Microcredit Summit Campaign merged its structure and operations with those of its parent organization, RESULTS Educational Fund. For more information, please see


Sa-Dhan, an association of community development finance institutions, has been working for more than 15 years supporting and strengthening the financial inclusion agenda in India and creates space for and understanding of microfinance with policymakers, bankers, government, researchers and practitioners. Sa-Dhan has 213 member institutions that reach approx. 33 million clients with loan outstanding of more than Rs. 33,000 crores in more than 90% districts in India. Sa-Dhan believes that within the overarching objective of financial inclusion, microfinance is an effective strategy for poverty alleviation and has the potential for far-reaching impact in transforming the lives of millions of under-privileged people. For more information, visit

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation is a global nonprofit organization that helps the world’s poorest people achieve their full potential by providing access to essential financial services and information on health and agriculture that can transform their lives. In 2016, Grameen Foundation and the global nonprofit Freedom from Hunger decided to join forces under the banner of Grameen Foundation. The integration of the two organizations brings together Grameen Foundation’s expertise in digital innovation to end poverty and Freedom from Hunger’s focus on providing the world’s poorest women with self-help tools to reduce hunger and poverty. Grameen Foundation is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in the U.S., Asia, Africa, and Latin America. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @GrameenFdn.

Freedom from Hunger India Trust

Established in 2012, Freedom from Hunger India Trust (FFHIT) is an independent Indian non-profit organization based in New Delhi with an office in West Bengal. The technical staff of FFHIT oversee health, nutrition, financial inclusion, vulnerable youth and savings group methodologies, and provide expert advice on leamer-centered curriculum design. FFHIT’s goal is to achieve nutrition and food security, reduce poverty and improve economic and social status of poor and marginalized women and their families through increased integration of financial services with other essential services such as health, nutrition and livelihood opportunities. FFHIT is also an active member of National Coalition of Food and Nutrition Security.

Allies and Partners

ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership

ACTION is a partnership of locally rooted organizations around the world that advocates for life-saving care for millions of people who are threatened by preventable diseases. ACTION operates on the premise that all countries can end diseases of poverty and improve health if they step up funding and create more effective policies. Supported by a Washington-based secretariat, 12 independent ACTION partners work together to increase investments and build political support for global health.