2017 Stakeholder Meet

Second Annual COPHAM Stakeholder Meet

The Second Annual COPHAM Stakeholder Meet was hosted by the Indian Institute of Public Health- Gandhinagar, a COPHAM member.

Learning sessions covered training SHG women as community health workers in Rajasthan, developing health insurance products in Gujarat, and creating wrap-around health services to improve maternal and child health in Jharkhand and West Bengal. In a new session, "Marketplace of Ideas," attendees pitched new projects for collaboration.

At the end of the day, all agreed to establish 2 working groups to a) define a way forward for a sustainable community of practice and b) undertake this year's research agenda.

Read the Proceedings

COPHAM Proceedings_v5_FINAL_web.pdf

Watch the Recordings

41 videos captured 8+ hours of the workshop in this playlist. Subscribe to the COPHAM YouTube channel.

We also took plenty of pictures! View the photo album from the workshop and from the previous day's excursion to VimoSewa.

Report-out from the COPHAM Leadership Group

08 LG recommendations_SRogers_FINAL.pdf

State of the Sector Report, Volume 2

Join a working group

Members are invited to participate in 2017-18 COPHAM core activities. (Are you a member? Find out.)

Governance and Sustainability Working Group

Purpose: To create recommendations for how to take COPHAM forward

  • Time commitment: 2 calls per month
  • Deadline: 3 months (by the end of 2017)
  • Scope of work: 1) Develop a concept note for the governance and sustainability of COPHAM; 2) Present recommendations for approval to plenary group

Contact: Sabina Rogers (srogers@action.org)

Evidence Building Working Group

Purpose: To produce volume 3 of the state of the sector report

  • Time commitment: 2 calls per month
  • Deadline: 6-8 months (launch in Q3 2018)
  • Scope of work: 1) Develop a concept note (first 2 months); 2) Collect existing studies/research; 3) Collect information about members; 4) Survey: what’s needed; 5) Write the report

Contact: DSK Rao (dskrao@yahoo.com)

Workshop Materials

PowerPoint presentations, notes, and a selection of videos from the event

01 Introduction_SRogers.pdf
01 Introduction notes_SRogers_FINAL.pdf
02 RNP_Lead questions_FINAL.pdf
02 RNP_VMishra_FINAL.pdf
04 HOPI_SSuresh_FINAL.pdf
04 HOPI notes_SSuresh_FINAL.pdf
08 Marketplace_Taruni.pdf
05 Insurance_Mirai.pptx
06 Insurance_Medya.pptx
03 MASS_SDutta_FINAL.pdf