Writing Skills and Strategies

As students prepare for the end of the year, many are focused on finishing final essays. Help students at any level think like a writer with Writing Navigator – a suite of no-cost tools that takes students through the entire writing process, from planning to publishing.

Help students through the four-step writing process

Writing Navigator goes beyond identifying what's right and what's wrong. It prompts students to make creative decisions and find the right words in the best order by providing assistance at each of the four steps of the writing process.

Students get feedback about their writing and begin to think like experienced writers over time.


Writing Planner helps students generate ideas and organize them into a writing plan.


Writing Drafter transforms the plan into a first draft. It helps students develop sentences, supporting details and transitions.


Writing Reviser provides feedback that helps students make thier sentences more economical, varied, powerful and clear. This popular resource is also available as a Google Docs add-on.


In this final stage, students use Writing Publisher to proofread and correct any errors before publishing a polished essay. It can even help with citations.

Free online course for instructors

While your students are on spring break, why not do something for yourself? Our free, online professional development courses make it easy to keep your own skills up to date.

Teaching Writing in the Digital Age is a 12-session, self-paced course that examines the entire student writing process. From pre-writing activities through drafting, research, revision and publishing, you'll learn how to incorporate digital resources that support students in the composition process.

Writing ... code!

Want to give your students a break from writing papers? Let them write code instead! With the CodeSnaps app, an entire class can collaboratively practice coding with just one connected robot and one iPad® tablet.

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