"Acceptable CTLE must be conducted through activities designed to improve the teacher or leader’s pedagogical and/or leadership skills, targeted at improving student performance, including but not limited to formal CTLE activities. Such activities shall promote the professionalization of teaching and educational leadership, as applicable, and be closely aligned to district goals for student performance. "

Whats the big idea?

  • By now ALL TEACHERS AND TEACHER ASSISTANTS should have logged into the TEACH system and registered your permanent or professional certification (As required during the 2016-2017 school year).
  • Professionally certified Teachers and Level III Teacher Assistants need to take 100 hours of CTLE approved coursework every five years.
    • This process started 7/1/2016 and ends right before your birth month in 2021-2022
      • Example: My Birthday is in October, so my certification expires 9/30/2021
    • 15 hours of the 100 must be related to addressing the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs)
      • Certified as TESOL? You need 50 hours addressing the needs of ELL students
  • You are responsible for collecting your CTLE certifications and keeping accurate records of your training.
    • You do not have to enter your training into MyLearningPlan although some teachers might use MLP to keep all their information in one place.
      • (and some providers require you to use your MLP account to register).
  • Keep your hours in a safe but accessible location.
  • After your five years have passed, you will most likely have to login to TEACH to verify (digitally sign and accept) that you have completed 100 hours of CTLE coursework.
    • If audited, you must produce your records (CTLE Certificates) or risk loss of your certification.
      • you may audited for up to three years after you verified your hours.
    • The Connetquot Teacher Center and other certified CTLE providers are required to keep CTLE records of our course attendance for 8 years.
  • There are many vendors that offer CTLE training to choose from.
  • Local teachers centers are a great way to earn hours locally (plus, most offer free classes).

Information provided here is what I know to the best of my ability at this time. Please make sure to stay updated with changes to CTLE requirements by checking in with NYSED’s Office of Teaching Initiatives for potential changes.