Dedicates to achieve a tri-pillar business objective - "Planet", "People" and "Profit", and commits to bring excellent social outdoor experiences to people of Hong Kong.


Discover and reconnect with nature from within


  • Connecting Nature

To cultivate contentment and wholesomeness with nature for people in the city

  • Connecting Community

To promote inclusiveness amongst diversified diversified groups in the community to enjoy nature

  • Connecting Common

To build a collaborative network amongst the industries and individuals who purpose boundless connection with nature

  • Conservation Nature

To dedicate our efforts in educating consumers and educating consumers and engaging public in conserving our nature

Create Value . Share Value

Every dollar you spent here at CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR will share partly to the underprivileged people we are employing as staff directly in the store, partly to fund some other underprivileged groups to have chance to join our events, and partly to fund our educational events which aim at advocating Leave No Trace concept.

When we enjoy the beautiful nature, we learn how to protect it and keep it sustainable. Through CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR, we connect everyone to the nature and spread the message of how we create more value to everyone.

O2O - Online to Offline Link

City.With.Out.Door belongs to Protrek Group (including Protrek, Haglofs and City.With.Out.Door). We link you online to offline for full-service at the biggest discounts, at the same time enjoy 360 degree experience of shopping and joining activities.

1. Fitting at branch stores + Buy on eshop at the biggest discount >> Take products at once if stock available at stores.

2. Buy on eshop at the biggest discount + Select pick up & Fitting at branch stores >> Enjoy full-service.

Membership is valid for all online and offline stores under Protrek group: Protrek multi-brand stores and Haglöfs Swedish brand stores.