How do I RSVP?


Call us, email us, use the ticketing system, or text us! Whatever works best for you.

Wedding Party

Are you helping run Registration? Running a game? Performing the ceremony? Please use the ticketing system, and please use the discount code we provided!

Friends and Coworkers

Please use the ticketing system! There is will absolutely no tickets at the door. If you have any food allergies or religious based food restrictions please let us know ASAP.

Although it may seem odd, instead of capping the wedding at a specific smaller size and only including only our family and a few friends, we worked hard to find a way to enable all of our friends and coworkers who wanted to attend to be able to come and celebrate with us.

The best way for us to make that happen was to run the wedding more like a conference than a traditional wedding, which honestly suits us pretty well.

We absolutely understand if this makes it such that some of you do not wish to, or can not attend. We fully understand this. We hope you understand why we chose to do our celebration in this way and this place.