Our Celebration


The third time is the charm! The Schwartz-Haines wedding at the Alexis Park will finally occuur August 6, 2022.

Nicole (CircuitSwan) Schwartz and Brad (Renderman) Haines

Would love you to come join in celebrating their marriage at the

Alexis Park in Las Vegas, NV, USA

Saturday August 6, 2022

Saturday July 31, 2021

Saturday August 1, 2020.

Important Message

We are very excited to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family, however, if for whatever reason you are unable to attend we absolutely understand and will not be upset.

We love you all and don't want anyone to stress! It's Vegas in August, we get it.

Table of Contents

Dress Code

There is absolutely no dress code (except wearing *something* to prevent public nudity charges) - we want everyone to dress up as informal or formal (I always encourage HackerSwan) as you feel inclined!

Remember; to us dress up includes Halloween, Cosplay, and more.

Food / Beverage

Your ticket is letting us provide a bunch of food and drinks. We will not be having formal sit down meals, but there will be food and drinks, and a bar. See the menu here.

COVID Protocols

We are not requiring masks, however we are encouraging them - please wear or not as you feel comfortable!

We are asking everyone to test before arrival and will have rapid tests available at registration.