Our Celebration


Due to continued international travel restrictions and the current roll-out of the COVID vaccines not slated for general populace until fall the Schwartz-Haines wedding at the Alexis Park has been delayed until August 6, 2022.

Nicole (CircuitSwan) Schwartz and Brad (Renderman) Haines

Would love you to come join in celebrating their marriage at the

Alexis Park in Las Vegas, NV, USA

Saturday August 6, 2022

Saturday July 31, 2021

Saturday August 1, 2020.

Important Message

We are very excited to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family, however, if for whatever reason you are unable to attend we absolutely understand and will not be upset.

We love you all and don't want anyone to stress! It's Vegas in August, we get it.

We hope to live stream the wedding ceremony online for anyone who can not attend.

Table of Contents

Venue / Location


375 E. Harmon Ave, 375 E.HARMON AVE, LAS VEGAS, NV 89169


The venue location is a hotel and we encourage you to stay at the Alexis Park in our Room Block.

Room Block

You must call the reservation office at 800-582-2228 (in the US) or 702-796-3322 and ask for the group "Schwartz-Haines Wedding"

Room prices Thursday-Sunday range $55-99$ a night four doubles, queen and kings and 229-279$ a night for deluxe, loft, majestic and regal.

Please use the room block if you can, we have a minimum we need to meet.

A deposit of the first nights suite plus occupancy tax is required with all reservations.

Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to the date of arrival. All cancellations after that are charged the first nights room and tax as penalty. The deposit is forfeited for all no-show reservations.

Dress Code

There is absolutely no dress code (except wearing *something* to prevent public nudity charges) - we want everyone to dress up as informal or formal (I always encourage HackerSwan) as you feel inclined!

Remember; to us dress up includes Halloween, Cosplay, and more.

How do I RSVP?


Call us, email us, use the ticketing system, or text us! Whatever works best for you.

Just let us know by May 3, 2022 if you can attend and how many will be in your party (kids included).

Wedding Party

Are you helping run Registration? Running a game? Performing the ceremony? Please use the ticketing system, and please use the discount code we provided! Yes we need you to confirm before May 3, 2022 so we can have your badges at registration and let the hotel know capacity.

Friends and Coworkers

Please use the ticketing system! Tickets sales will end May 3, 2022. There is will absolutely no tickets at the door. If you have any food allergies or religious based food restrictions please let us know ASAP.

Although it may seem odd, instead of capping the wedding at a specific smaller size and only including only our family and a few friends, we worked hard to find a way to enable all of our friends and coworkers who wanted to attend to be able to come and celebrate with us.

The best way for us to make that happen was to run the wedding more like a conference than a traditional wedding, which honestly suits us pretty well.

We absolutely understand if this makes it such that some of you do not wish to, or can not attend. We fully understand this. We hope you understand why we chose to do our celebration in this way and this place.

Food / Beverage

Your ticket is letting us provide a bunch of food and drinks. We will not be having formal sit down meals, but there will be food and drinks, and a cash bar.

Beverages: We'll have basic drinks (coffee, tea, lemonade, ice tea, water) available at the food tables, there will also be a cash bar. Each person with a ticket will also get a few drink tokens to start the night. The cash bar will have soda, mock-tails, wine, beer, and cocktails.

Food: Still TBD what the food will be but we are thinking: carving stations, veggies, salad, possibly cheese trays, Mac n Cheese bar, ice cream bar, cupcakes, cookies.

Registry / Gifts

Please no gifts, really!

We have two households worth of life's things and don't need more. We know that you will be incurring travel costs, lodging costs, et cetera and want to enjoy your company more than your offers of stuff. Ticket costs go towards offsetting our costs for this celebration which is a gift in and of itself.

If you absolutely must - we will accept additional donations toward the cost of the wedding by clicking here, or we are always happy for you to donate to any of our favorite charities:

Again, your presence is a gift in and of itself to us.

Conference Staff

Bride - CircuitSwan - Nicole Schwartz

Groom - RenderMan - Brad Haines

Officiant - Evil_Mog

Photographer - Eli Omen https://www.eliomenphotography.com/


Dungeon Masters