Ceremony Schedule

1700 / 5pm

Front of room - Deviant & Renderman

Deviant: intro/disclaimer (5-5:10)

  • Reminder about photo policy

  • What is church of wifi

  • We are mocking everyone/everything

  • Leave if you want it's ok, really, bar is open

  • First 3 rows may get wet

  • Explain the Alexis Park Rug

  • Stories about the bride or groom that can be shared publicly

Wedding Ceremony Starts (5:15-5:45)

  • Nicole enters - walked up by both mom and dad

  • Religious (wifi) kickoff bit

  • Hacker family toast

    • Raise a glass for departed friends long past and more recent

    • Explain white russians are a traditition despite current world situation

  • Prattle on about love/marriage

  • vows

    • Explaination of first reading

    • Brad first

    • Then Nicole

  • exchange rings TBD ring bear/monkey

  • handcuff & exit

dustin: logistics for guests (5:45-6:00)

  • bar/food now and where

  • games now and where

  • DJ dancing & photobooth starts in X (probably an hour)

  • chillout area in this room

  • sign the guestbook by which we mean roll of craft paper with markers. Make it memorable

  • Enjoy yourself