Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this a wedding or a conference?

A: It's a conference, where the reason for the event is because of a marriage. It may be weird but so are we. Also, if you use the word "wedding" when booking anything, the prices jump considerably.

Q: Should I bring my kids?

A: That is up to you. We are happy to have kids, BUT it is Las Vegas and this will likely be a wild and crazy party with cursing, drinking, and shenanigans. If you have brought your kids to a hacker conference before, they should be just fine. We are not paying for therapy after this.

Q: Why at the Alexis Park / Las Vegas / this date?

A: We tried to plan it for when and where most of our friends would need to be coming to Vegas anyway for Hacker Summer Camp. As to the location, The Alexis Park holds a special place for most long time attendees.

Q: Why are you selling tickets to your wedding?

A: In order to leave the guest list ONLY capped by fire marshal capacity and open it up to anyone wanting to celebrate with us, without the potential cost of per-seat arrangements, we're selling tickets. We really hope the fee is low enough that you can absolutely consider that your gift to us and be able to pay it.

Because this is an event, and not a wedding, by hotel standards, we have a few costs over and above our intended and budgeted wedding size, but gain a great deal of flexibility.

We need to have things normal weddings do not;

  • Security guards
  • Space rental fee
  • Insurance
  • Registration Volunteers (handing out lanyards, badges, etc)

Everything else the Brides' parents are covering as they are normal wedding costs (Thank you!)