December 2021

Year-end is putting CiLAB to the test. With limited resources but a great heart we are completing these projects in parallel:

Repair analysis of "Back Friday" - Decathlon in collaboration with the Value Factory

Méson Brussels production of third collection

Ozer collection prototypes with Melissa Boels and Juliette Bonhomme

Production of cushions for CO'ZEN project, collaborating with Bernadette from ZigZag

Production of dresses for K!Dans dance project with Kamie Clough and Hilke De Nyn

JBC SIMP II production

without forgetting the students from TSM CLM Mechelen and HO Gent

November 2021

Release of the A/part collection. This project is a collaboration between JBC, ArtbyCash and CiLAB.

Méson Brussels production of second collection

Supporting "Back Friday" action of Decathlon

October 2021

SIMP upcycled sweaters on sale in JBC stores

Interview Shawkat/Mahabat for Knack-Weekend by Sarah Vandoorne

M-Fair 2021 Circu(s)leren 

Curtains and Cushions for JBC Store Malinas

FabotastiX for COP26 - Let it grow "Enough is Enough" (Think - I AM)

First demo and try out of the SwapLAB

September 2021

Production for Art-by-Cash collection and Malinas project (JBC)

Logistics for first SIMP batch

Set Up for second collection Méson Brussels

Preparation of M-Fair 2021 (October 10 - Lamot)

CiLAB program at M-Fair 2021

Shawkat repairing the cutting machine

August 2021

Samples voor Malinas project (support by Astotex)

Set up own maintenance activity (support by Transit)

Simp production started: 800 sweaters will be upcycled in close loop project for JBC.

Samples for artistic Collab project.

Multi-Mix-Mat project has a left-off.

"When the Simp sweaters were taken off the shelves, this meant an overstock of sweaters for us but there is nothing wrong with it except for the print," says Valerie Geluykens, CSR manager at JBC. “That's why we went looking for a sustainable solution. Through our sustainability network, we came into contact with CiLAB."

Photos Klikfabrik/JBC

July 2021

Start Maison Méson production.

Try-out on collaboration with Pastel (Emmaus).

Prepare VOMO project(s) for M-Fair 2021.

June 2021

As frontrunner of the Impact Factory we moved the studio  to a room with a (green) view. We are looking forward to a further collaboration with our new neighbors, the fashion school of the Ursulinen (KITO).

CiLAB supported the launch of Maison Méson.

Klerezooi (VOMO) filled with post-consumer materials from Woody presented at opening Circuit - Antwerp. 

May 2021

CiLAB supports Woodyloop. The production of 1400 accessories out of post-consumer nightwear.

Silke Van Ham used her talents to develop the Daily Drums collection. The start of a great collaboration between FabotastiX, Fabota, Transit, de Batterij and CiLAB: a collection with a soul based on deadstock materials from JBC and Daily Paper.

Samples have been made for Maison Méson.

Shawkat gets on the cover of De Nieuwe Maan.

The Union Special Felled seam machine was activated by Shawkat.

nieuwe maan-98_pdf-def.pdf

April 1st.: The Daily Menu collection is available at Mad Brussels and in the eshop of United Fashion.

It has been a milestone project for the CiLAB Collective which was well captured by the video from Younes Haidar which you can also view by clicking the photo of Alexandra Bertels.

April 2021

CiLAB by Shawkat - the homemade collection.

Silke Van Ham is our new ReCident as of April 19th. She will work on a 'beating' capsule collection.

CiLAB selected for the Responsible Fashion Series.

March 2021

Final preparation for the Daily Menu launch on April 1st. Designers Doriane van Overeem (BE), Karolina Jurikova (CZ) and Maximilian Rittler (AUT) co-create a sustainable and affordable fashion collection. Transparently made out of second-hand garments and deadstock materials as close to home as possible, ‘DailyMenu’ aims to combine a minimum of resources with a maximum of human interaction and knowledge exchange.  

Daily Menu production with natural dyes from Indigo Blue.

Shawkat shows first creation.

Minka sets milestone: 1st creation 'Ursulinen' in Huis Joosen.

Rework for GEPRINT, a local printshop which cares about sustainability.

CiLAB makes Joseffa collection transparent by adding a digital product passport.

February 2021

First ReCident in the studio: Minka van Noten. She is a student at Ursulinen Mechelen - Fashion 

The prototypes of the Daily Menu collection were created. 

Production of the collection started.

January 2021 

A CiLAB project was selected by KBS to be supported by the ING Fonds. The project is focused on processing textile waste, working together with the social economy and local students.

December 2020

Niki De Schrijver (Cosh) brought the United Fashion Design Studio to CiLAB. Doriane Van Overeem, Karolina  Jurikova and Maximilian Ritter  are extremely talented young designers working together on a circular collection 'Daily Menu'. They are supported by MAD Brussels

October 2020

The VOMO (furniture design) students were challenged to create a circular concept using recycled materials from textiles and furniture closely linked to the local community of the city of Mechelen and its aspiration to become a role model in the circular economy.

The VOMO project


July 2020 

CiLAB started collaborating with the City of Mechelen on M-Fair, the local festival on sustainable and fair clothes.

June 2020 

Abderr Trabsini, co-founder of the Daily Paper made a visit to CiLAB.  A journey started on transforming Daily Paper non-salables Daily paper in new circular concepts.

May 2020

The Amsterdam Designer Léon Blok was looking for a safe harbor for his denim atelier. He contacted his good friend Clinton. The seven industrial sewing machines were transferred to Mechelen.
This is how the CiLAB Collective became operational.