CDA Formats

Face-to-Face Online Hybrid

Integrated teaching Strategies

EduWokforce recognizes the necessity for taking in account the fact that some of the CDA certification seekers might be academically challenged. Our program consider different learning styles and incorporate teaching strategies that are effective with challenged learner populations.

Our goal is not only to provide students with competencies in professionalism and teaching skills but to first, recruit, screen and retain students and support them in completing their training. To do so, students groups are created online through social media such as Facebook, google group and tweeter. Students have access to a program staff at all time for any question or help. We believe in student support. We are here for our students at every steps of the training.

Our instructors, technical supports including language assistants and academic coach are available are here to support students. The instructors provide guidance and motivation to all students and follow students in need.

With EduWorkforce Training and Consulting, pre-service teachers can participate in unique CDA training programs that combine different methods of instruction.

Full Time CDA Training: Meet certain number of hours daily, weekly or biweekly.

Online: Fully online with electronic supports.

Hybrid: With online learning and face-to-face supports.

Example of Program

A training course combined with 8 seminars and 90 hours of independent study with special projects, and observations by a mentor/course instructor. Students have access to course online.

The independent phase of the program is organized into three levels and is designed to help the teachers apply what they learn to their early childhood educational settings.

In this program, at the end of each unit, a mentor/instructor respond to written answers before meeting face-to-face with the students to discuss about the unit and move on to the next unit after passing an exam. Candidate must satisfactorily pass an exit exam when they complete the three levels.

The seminars provide an opportunity for candidates to discuss and raise issues related to their child care environment. They are encouraged to participate in the planning of the structure and content of each session.