A Proposal

EduWorkforce is hereby proposing to provide online and face-to-face CDA training in on-going basis that will lead to Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification for those who participate to the program.

According to the CDA candidates preferences and needs, the training may consists of full on-line access to the instructional lessons, reinforced face-to-face assistance, meaningful mentoring, and comprehensive support with other CDA certification requirements.

EduWorkforce CDA Certification Preparation Program ushers students into a non-threatening learning arena, easing them into that experience on a part-time, conveniently- scheduled supported basis. Our program eliminates some of the small disruptions that can knock participants off course and out of school and programs like this. Participants are instructed in a cohort of other supportive colleagues to increase the chances of success and attrition.

Until now, the majority of EduWorkforce students have been women whose who have English as other language. EduWorkforce has developed and integrated in its CDA training an ESL enrichment section to support those who need to enchant their English communication skills.

Community college programs only offer classroom instruction with minor supports at a cost three times what our program costs. It is an investment that Alexandria can’t afford to miss. The entry time to the program is on on-going bases in two-week intervals, and therefore ending dates may vary.

The per-person participation cost will cover all associated expenses including:

On-line CDA and/or full face-to-face Training and Certification

o Access to all On-Line CDA Training (120 hours of instruction) plus additional CEUs (when applicable to the candidate needs)

o Materials (Essentials Textbook & Workbook and Competency Standards Book)

o Access to experiential opportunities (480 hours of childcare-related service)

o Access to language support

o CDA Assessment (Exam)

Wraparound Support

o Support from a Professional Development Specialist throughout process

o Assistance with Professional Portfolio and Family Questionnaire Packet

Employment and College Readiness Preparation

o Invitation to an ECE Job Fair featuring EduWorkforce CDA Certification preparation program partners

o Resume writing, soft skills and interview training related to early childhood profession.

o Interview opportunities and job identification with Program Partners

o Access and assistance with community college enrollment when needed