County Community on Transition (CCoT) Toolkit

Overview of the CCoT Toolkit

The County Community on Transition (CCoT) Toolkit was created by the Transition Improvement Grant (TIG), under the direction of the Wisconsin Community on Transition (WiCoT) to help guide CCoTs through the process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a strong team to support success for students with disabilities.

This toolkit is one of three next steps to support CCoT’s in the WiCoT Action Plan to address the needs of the CCoT’s around the state. The WiCoT Action Plan was created based on the 2019-2020 CCoT Survey completed by all 72 CCoT’s around the state.

This toolkit provides tools and resources that CCoTs can use whether they are just starting or have been active for many years. The tools and resources can assist in building the foundations of the CCoT team, facilitating the work, using data to support growth, and maintaining communication.

To view the entire printable toolkit, click HERE.