This counting song is filled with the jovial swing of dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythms. Students may be able to connect this song with others in their life, such as "99 Bottles of Pop On The Wall."

Count and Write

This song will help students practice counting backwards while reinforcing musical skills. Challenge them to invent new rhyming couplets, perhaps counting down from higher values or counting down by twos or threes.

Teachers should be sensitive to the needs of their community when explaining or modifying the words pertaining to drinking.


Here's a singing game I've invented, inspired by counting-singing games from various folk traditions:

  1. Start the song with paired students spread randomly about the room. One student is single and is "it."
  2. As the class sings the first measure, "it" taps another student, stealing the partner and leaving another student to be "it."
  3. As the class sings the second measure, the new "it" steals a partner.
  4. As the class sings the rest of the verse, students encircle the "it." That student is Tom Moore.
  5. During the first four measures of the chorus, the circle of students serenades "Tom Moore," who stands in the middle.
  6. During the remainder of the chorus, the students disburse in pairs so they are ready for the next round of the game.