Vive la Compagnie

Here are some inventive lyrics and a nice harmonization for the widely-known melody, also known as "Viva L'Amour." Interestingly, experts cite evidence of this song in England as early as 1818 (in the Traditional Ballads Index), but evidence for its French provenance is scanty.

A Tradition of Invented Lyrics

A brief Internet search will yield many historic and contemporary rhyming couplets that have been performed in Vive L'Amour. Students may research and select the stanzas they find most meaningful to incorporate inperformance. Alternatively, students may be challenged to invent new couplets for this song, perhaps commemorating moments in their school or choir culture.

Rehearsal Resources

A Stephen Foster website has posted a Midi and MP3 recording of the score.

Other Arrangements

There are many high-quality arrangements of this melody for choirs of various levels. If your choir performs a different arrangement, introduce this one as a comparison. How are they similar? How are they different? How can we use the ever-changing nature of folk repertoire to inform our performance?