Carolyn Bennett

Music Educator

I've been fortunate to teach students at Wheeler Middle and High School in North Stonington, CT since 2007. For the 2018-2019 school year, I was the Teacher-in-Residence at the Library of Congress. Visit the Primary Sources section of my website for resources, teaching ideas, and more. In the 2019-2020 school year, I'm serving the Connecticut education community as the advocacy chairperson for the Connecticut Association for Music Education, and a faculty member for the Connecticut Department of Education Office of Higher Education's Alternate Route to Certification.

I'm excited to begin my twelfth year teaching at Wheeler! Follow these links to learn information about the Wheeler High School Concert Choir and Wheeler Middle School Chorus.


Link to the Library of Congress: What Is an Ensemble? A Survey of the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project. Music Educators Journal, 105(3), 12–16.

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Guest on the Folklife Today podcast: "Is 'Ring Around the Rosie' About the Plague?" A Look at Children's Songs. July 29, 2019

Consultant for the Virginia Chamber Orchestra's study guide, Music in the Time of Eisenhower


Exploring Social Justice Through the Arts: WPA Posters Password: Library123!

Exploring Social Justice Through the Arts: This Little Light of Mine Password: Library123!

Exploring Social Justice Through the Arts: The 12-Bar Blues Password: Library123!


Sing and Move Story Time: Explore historic children's music through singing and moving! Free and open to the public of all ages in the Library of Congress Young Readers Center.

Exploring Choral Repertoire with the Library of Congress: Presented at the 2019 CMEA In-Service Conference.

Sing and Move with the Library of Congress: Presented at the 2019 CMEA In-Service Conference and in an all-day workshop at the Library of Congress

Exploring Primary Sources with the Library of Congress: CMEA 2018 Election Day Workshop

Singing and Moving with Primary Sources: in collaboration with Dr. Jenny L. Neff, 2019 NAfME National Conference

Other workshops and presentations provided for Fulton County, GA public schools; District of Columbia Public Schools; Northern Virginia Educators.