Junior Development

Be Kind ~ Be Committed ~ Be Competitive

Our Red, Yellow and Blue teams are coming on leaps and bounds through training at least two to three times a week and watching high standard volleyball in person. We cannot wait to see what they can achieve by the end of this season.

  • JUNIOR RED: Suitable for Year 7 - Year 10 (U14s).
  • JUNIOR YELLOW: Suitable for Year 9/10 - Year 13 (U18s).
  • JUNIOR BLUE: By invitation only.

----------------------------------------------------------------2021-2022 seasonAutumn term: 14 Sept 2021 – 12th Dec 2021Spring term: 6 Jan 2022 - 3 Apr 2022
----------------------------------------------------------------** Players are expected to attend at least TWO training sessions a week (on different days) and to spectate at least two National Volleyball League (NVL) matches (in Cambridge) per season.
Please give serious thought to how this would work for you before committing. **----------------------------------------------------------------

Training venues:

  • Leys Leisure Sports Complex, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, CB2 7AD
  • Hills Road Sports Centre, Purbeck Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PF
Following the volleyball Tryouts on Sunday 12 September 2021, our junior program is currently at full capacity but please feel free to contact us if your child is interested in playing volleyball and we'll see if we could offer you a space for a tryout. (Apologies in advance if you don't hear back straightaway, it's likely that we are either a little busy or that we don't have a space yet.)----------------------------------------------------------------

2021-2022 Training Schedule:Please refer to the Teamup Schedule for dates.
Junior girls:
  • Sundays 0930-1135
  • Sundays 1140-1240 (an hour of games, limited spaces)
  • Sundays 1245-1400 (YELLOW)
  • Sundays 1400-1500 (YELLOW and BLUE)
  • Sundays 1500-1600 (BLUE and YELLOW) .Limited spaces.
  • Tuesdays 1830-1950
  • Fridays 2020-2200 (BLUE and YELLOW)

Junior boys:
  • Thursdays 1800-1900 at Hills Road Sports Centre
  • Fridays 2020-2200 (BLUE and YELLOW)
  • Sundays 1140-1240 (an hour of games, limited spaces)
  • Sundays 1245-1400 (RED and YELLOW)
  • Sundays 1400-1500 (YELLOW and BLUE)
  • Sundays 1500-1600 (BLUE and YELLOW) .Limited spaces.

Junior Tournaments:
  • 14 November 2021
*Please note that some sessions may not be available due to venue / coaching availability; it is therefore important to book on Teamup a few days in advance.


~ Trust the process ~

In 2016, we embarked on a journey with Hills Road Sixth Form as we explored ways to encourage more young people to take up the sport - Hills Road volleyball club was then established as a satellite club.

A great way to help bridge the gap between school, college and community sport, the partnership has also provided opportunities for players to develop mental resilience and to establish lifelong sporting habits.

Learning and playing a (new and technical) sport like volleyball gives the players a sense of focus and directive; it builds their self-confidence as they develop consistency and mastery through patience, hard work and self-evaluation - the process that will lead them into being the best they can be in volleyball, and indeed life beyond sixth form.